After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


What’s DPP stand for in this case?


It was supposed to be DDP, or dynamic display picture, but the original creator goofed up on the initials. Then when I was making the image above, I didn’t bother to change it.


Ah, okay. I’m assuming those are more or less GIF avatars? Or am I thinking of something else?


DDPs are a group of static images that are tied to certain emoticon events. When you send any of the specific emoticons in a chat, your display picture will change accordingly.

By PIH I mean PassportIdentityHandle, which just stores a user’s information in a structured manner that Messenger can understand. As said before, our makeshift version of it doesn’t go well with WLM 2009, and we have no other choice but to reverse engineer the contents of the real PIH struct.


I might re-make it and save it as .PSD for future…


Uhhhh, so what about the 2009 betas and the early 9.0 beta? Rest of the work is done right? If so then try to work on the 2009 betas and the early 9.0 beta.

Also did anyone get the login process captured from memory? There might be a way of reverse engineering so it works with our msidctl40.dll file.


Oh nice… Anyway what font have you used? :stuck_out_tongue:


Segoe UI Light and Segoe UI Semibold. That’s what the original image looked like it used, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


I forgot to re-make it. Doing it now.


Can’t wait! :smile:


Anyway… yes 2009 had sign in custom sounds :stuck_out_tongue: (i’ve watched treekie’s video about versions changelog :slight_smile: )


Doesn’t seem to exist in 2009, It was impletmented in the 2009 beta and the 9.0 beta.


sure? Mhh oke


is the hype train running again?


Silently and a little less fast than it was going before, but yes. :stuck_out_tongue:


signature sounds is a feature of wlm 9.0.1407.1107 beta, not the final wlm 2009
please add 9.0 to the list of version list, it’s the one I’m looking forward to the most…

if you’re not familiar with it, you can get it here

or here


My hype will never burn out. NEVER.




Tested the 9.0 beta, and after a few tweaks, it almost works flawlessly on Escargot, although MPoP is a little buggy at the moment for the protocol it supports (MSNP16). Unfortunately, it also suffers the same patching issue as the final WLM 2009 release, so we can’t even release the updates with a client that has similar features to the long anticipated WLM 2009. I’ll be testing the 2009 betas soon, but I doubt those will be patchable too.


luck for the team :wink: