After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


ok thanks. do you know if we’ll be able to search other escargot users on there when it’s done?


like msn member directory?


yeah. on the old windows live messenger site in 2009, you could search people by name and then add them


@mrbell1984 did that, you could add yourself in the db, but he deleted it


Yeah I know. Was Speaking To Him A lot Last Year. Don’t Know Where He’s Gone



#459 ppbounce




its almost here boys


It’s the classic WLM 2011 troll.


no, shh :stuck_out_tongue:
#positivity #hype #wlm2009 #idk


I found out the exact problem WLM 2009 has with Escargot’s msidcrl solution, courtesy of @tristanleboss:


Basically, there’s an incompatibility with the way our msidcrl solution returns the PassportIdentityHandle (the user information) structure to WLM 2009, and thus WLM doesn’t log in (or on Windows 7, crashes). Luckily, the same person was looking into the structure of the actual user information container for WLM 2012, which I assume is the same for WLM 2009, but he never finished reverse-engineering that. :frowning:

Might be too late to finish looking into the structure though, as no other reverse engineers on our team are present…


Why don’t you make him finish reverse engineering?


No, MSNP21 does not work with the testing server. Someone actually tried to use WLM 2012 on the testing server.


Because he’s been offline from development for several months and we don’t know what’s going on in his life to understand why.


Why can we see WLM 2009 in the stats of escargot?


Apparently it’s a bug from… Idk but actually it’s not WLM 2009


its a troll


Yeah, exactly.

blame the /b/tards of 4chan


420th post, nice.