After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


Oh my god ! :smiley: That sounds good to my hears !!


OMG! That’s awesome!




CLOBOX pecasy


:frowning: what do you mean




Finally got everything committed to the WLM branch. Everything works as it should in terms of features, and I hope the rest goes smoothly. :slight_smile:


No Pressure. But When Do You Think It’ll Be Released?


im sorry but i forgot it to mention,

on Junuary 7, 2009 WLM 2009 was released

so the 14.x client is 10 years old now !


It’s almost time to get hyped :grinning:


I can image after 10 minutes from the releasing of WLM 2009… When will WLM 12 be patched?!



WLM 12… To be continued lol



So… Can we put on our HYPE hat?


don’t know. it depends on when it’s coming. i’d say before the end of february


meanwhile i’ll get the italian installer ^^


where from. it might not let you sign in or install it


Even though I have all the code ready, there’s the patching process to consider after valtron tests everything. Since we already have problems with our msidcrl40 solution on WLM 2009, trying to fix the problem will take a while to fix. But of course, it’s never too late put on your hype hats. :smile:


thanks, mate. do you think it’ll be ready by the end of february?


Ideal date would be end of February - middle of April, but that’s assuming we’ll have our reverse engineer back or a miracle will happen. :stuck_out_tongue: