After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


actually it’s the opposite now msnp18/21 will never be supported lol


WLM 2009 uses MSNP18.






@Leo_Historias would be so much happy :’)


I know I’m a bit late to the thread, but I am very excited for WLM 2009 to start working again!

And that’s all I have to say.


This is fucking awesome , Cant wait!


Oh my gosh, this is a really HUGE advance with Escargot!


4 Months earlier…


4 months ago was not when I posted that


Oh boy i like to use becAuse i never used msn 2009


BOI I LIKE :smile:THAT VER one thing is the status change animation another thing is my first windows live ID
so lucky the escagot team go


If I ever get my WLM 14/2009 connect to my local server I’ll be happy to work on the server to add support for it. Since I can’t get it working I can’t work on the server. :confused:


lol xD




Yes its working almost!


That’s awesome! I’m surprised of that notice




These are real


REEEEEE finally!