After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


I’m just saying what i think when it’s going to be released.


Oh my gosh, here we go again, we are going to need too much chocolate :frowning:


anyway, beta version sounds good, for those who are too hyped to wait for the final build


let’s buy hundreds of them :stuck_out_tongue:


What about the WLM 2009 betas signature sounds?


I’m thinking of giving the SOAP services for Circle invitations one more round of modification. If that fails, then I plan to do one of two things:

  • Make the accepting/declining process of Circles (or the entire invitation process) web-based
  • Ditch Circles entirely and try to figure out MPoP

I’m also trying to tweak the switchboard to support MPoP before I go to implementing it, as I see that I didn’t entirely make it “WLM 2009-ready”.


i think if you can’t figure out circles stop working on it and work on it again when 2009 is out so people will shut up about how they want wlm 2009


yeah, maybe you’ll have some peace, and take your time to finish it later. But it will be weird, later on we will have to download a WLM 2009 update heh. TBH I didn’t even know this circle feature existed in the first place, I’ve never used it LOL


Release it with broken circles or with none.


you probably wouldn’t have to download an update. everything would be done server side


Tried fiddling with Circles again, and no progress. Officially canning them for now.

Now I can move to the other parts of Escargot that need some tending to. :stuck_out_tongue:

[Edit: working from now after being overloaded]Can't connect, This time error 81000306 and sometime 800701f6

WLM 2009 Patched link?


You need to run a local server yet.


Gives me those “Sharing Folders not implemented” flashbacks. Also with Circles getting canned we might get WLM 2009 earlier than something like Q2 2019.


Also might want to forget “What’s New” ever being supported either, since the Groups thing seems ancillary without Circles being present.


Yeah, if you want to implement What’s New well just make it redirect to a generic Welcome to Escargot! message.


I think that the redirected page would need to be done in a basic HTML and with lightweight images (e.g: WebP, JPG 2000 or just Gif) because even the redirect itself would make the WLM 2009 boot slower in poor machines.


“What’s New” is a schematized feed of your Windows Live profile. The best thing to do is to just leave it as is.


So what’s the name of the thing that pop-ups when running a new version of MSN for the the first time?


Damn! That’s the welcome message, i confused it too :stuck_out_tongue: