After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


Maybe he just tried with an un-patched version


there is no patched version of wlm 2009


Although i could be completly wrong because i haven’t heard anything other than the “circles” thing making everything slow down.

OhHelloThere said that he was waiting for Cuki… which has a fork. that was last updated 4 months ago…

The last update i’ve heard was this.

  1. Cuki’s not a GitLab repo. He’s a person with a life like you and me.

  2. I was relying on his knowledge on WLM 2009’s internals, not his outdated Escargot repo fork. But now that I’m working on circle invites, there’s nothing else I need to learn from him, since he’s stuck on those, too.

Doesn’t mean you have the right to hijack it. :unamused:


I said “Which has a fork”. not “Which is a fork”.


@OhHelloThereImTheGuy doesn’t mean that @Cuki87 has a fork with fancy working code for WLM 2009. He might have a server for WLM written in Java but even then @OhHelloThereImTheGuy needs his knowledge of the MSNP protocol.


That was about his question on bans.

Also @Craftplacer I thought he meant Cuki was literally a Git repo with a fork.


hey stop the drama. Here, have some chocolate :chocolate_bar:


Can you tell me the exact date of the release, please? :smile:


what are circles?



Joking,but circles on WLM 2009 are basicly groups


oh well, im getting hyped for wlm 2009. :wink::smiley::smiley::smile::smile:


Q2 2019, assuming all goes well


Yeah. I’m going to say Q2 2019 as well, If it’s way too long (shouldn’t be), then it’s going to be a Q3.


At this point it’s more of a who knows when this thing will get released due to the confusing nature of Circle invites and the social networking dependencies needed for Circles.


And what about Wlm 2009 beta versions ?


Actually, that sounds more feasible than trying to get the final build of the client working. I’ll consider that.


Due to Circles, WLM2009 is going to be released in somewhere August or 2020.


It could be released in November.


No. At my current state of Circle implementation, I don’t even know when WLM 2009 support will be released. Can you just be patient, please? :expressionless: