After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


What do you still need to do?


What’s left really is circles, “What’s New”, and some polishing of existing services, but the last one will probably be done after support for WLM 2009 (and Yahoo! Messenger) is public. When it comes to circles, they’re more tied to the social networking paradigm of, and “What’s New” was just a feed from your profile that was displayed in Messenger. Both would require working in a social network-like section to Escargot, which would take time. I want these releases to be the best I can make them, and I’m considering every part of the programs targeted. WLM 2009 is a major example of this.


we really need WLM 2009… Just give us a release date at least.


so… will you create a social network section to Escargot, in order to make everything work?


To get the best out of Circles and this particular version of Messenger, it wouldn’t hurt to try. I personally think it’d make the experience much more exciting, as you have your own little social hub in Messenger and Escargot. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just have to say that you do a fantastic job! Congratulations!!


i was worried we weren’t getting development after august, but i guess not then


Hmmm. I saw a merge request to merge WLM 2009 to the master branch. Does that mean it’s coming soon?


It was originally created because valtron misunderstood what I said in an email I sent him. I told him that I was done with the changes I made to the core, but he took it as a signal to rollout everything. I clarified later on, and now it’s just sitting there for future reference, when we do get support finished.




oh shit


Ok so we must get ready for the HYPE?




It’s still puzzled?


yeah, it would be great, instead of using this forum as a social hub heh


How much did you do? And is it stable?


Stop bumping threads :wink:


He sent a message only 8 days after the last reply. He did not revive the post :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve currently put off work on WLM 2009 because trying to get Circle members to render in the contact list has proven to be complicated (lots of specific SOAP addressbook variables that have to be set in a certain way, in ways that I haven’t been able to accurately replicate yet), and right now I’m waiting for @Cuki87, who did get the Circle members to display, to come online so that I can negotiate how the whole Circle contact list thing works. Or if I have the time I could look into MSNPSharp’s source and try to replicate how it renders Circle members in the contact list to see if the official client will react accordingly.


I tried to use the test server on my computer, I am using a VM but i port-forwarded port 80.

Sorry for the compression and for using HyperCam 2