After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


i’m installing python 3.7.1


First you have to figure out what OS are you using

if you are a windows user and want to learn something new you could try your route with Ubuntu in a VM

First start small by using the latest server and try to make it work with prepached version of MSN 7.5 for instance, when that works fine try to patch it yourself by using Escargot Autopacher, then go for WLM 2009 and you will learn a lot of new and interesting stuff in the process

sometimes people say that if you can’t understand you should not be doing that
but I think that if you are prepared to learn something new then you sometimes just need a step into the right direction


Any news related updates towards WLM 2009 being “Stable”/“Functioning”? Hopefully there is some kind of News update towards it.


Nothing new right now. I’m in the process of getting circles ready, but to continue that I had to make some infrastructural changes to Escargot’s contact list system to accommodate for circles, since they were stored in a global version of that (internally known as the “AddressBook”). The implementation of this contact list system was successful. However, the database API is being stubborn when I try to write data to the table that stores this data, and I’m trying to look into that problem for the time being.


Thanks for the very small update! I’m happy to hear that it’s slowly coming along. Good luck developing!






Why isn’t it here yet? IIRC it should have been a few months ago.

Or you’re saving it for something… :grin:


Who knows :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe… Santa will give us a present… :slight_smile:
A waited present :star:


I’ve gotten most of what I plan to implement for WLM 2009 support committed to the repo. Most of the attention was towards circles, and surprisingly they called for some major changes in how Escargot handles certain things. Mainly, changes in the way accounts are recognized, and the addition of a basic AddressBook system that’s more flexible with circles and ancillary data that wouldn’t fit in with Escargot’s native contact system. I’ve also done some work on the main MSNP frontend and the core to support certain features that were originally left out (e.g., phone numbers) and to improve the event handlers a bit. Everything’s still in the same branch, by the way. :slight_smile:


please shift to wlm2009 support


Please wait, we dont want another mute waiting to happen.
We have other projects to do too.


its called a request m8. I am not forcing them to shift to wlm2009 support. It would just be noice.


Well, they have other projects too. Not really angry or anything.


vamos !!! que hay que sacar la versión animo


as if they haven’t been for several months :unamused:


Wasn’t this the version that came around W7 release ?


yes, windows 7 released in 2009


After some lengthy rewiring of the server core and the SOAP services, I think everything’s in working order in regards to MSN, and I can get back to Circles. Wish me luck! :smile:


Yeah, we will! It definetly it is pain in the ass.