After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


poor xp
1 like = 1 pray :stuck_out_tongue:


nope , wlm works normally on windows vista




Can someone summarize what is happening




yes!!! I got it, I managed to log in to wlm from windows vista


ahhh please make 9.0.1407.1107 Beta available too!!
that was the best one!!!


when wlm 2009 will work:


How can I contribute to WLM 2009 through the code




Then it was my bad. I didn’t remember WLM 2009 already had it, maybe because I personally preferred the 2011/2012 solution where it opened right beside the chat window (instead of top of that, like on your picture) and supported Youtube streaming too. That was the feature I miss the most. We could watch videos without the need to open or change a tab in the web browser.
But I stop praise WLM 2012 here because this one is not its topic. Plus I am happy about WLM 2009 support is so close. And once again I can understand why people liked 2009 more over the latter versions. For example the change in the custom name and forcing to use your Forename Surname “real” name as your alias pissed me in the newer versions.


Yeah! Si! はい!Oui!


Any more progress? Come on! People are somewhat tried using 8.5!


Have you ever said anything nice about anything here?
Because most of your posts seem to be complaining about something.


Other than VidLii salt? well kinda?


Whether it’s “Spanish ‘add me’ posts” or Twitter’s phone verification or multiple contact threads.


oh. the Twitter’s Phone Verification problem was solved. I hide the spanish posts. and i no longer care about add me posts.


If anyone’s wondering what’s been going on for the past month, then one, I took some time off from continuing progress because Circles are so intertwined with the Messenger system that they required some change to the contact storage system, which was a big one. Two, I’m now focusing on getting other important functions working efficiently (e.g., “Address book” (Messenger SOAP contact list)-related calls and regular contact commands) so that Circles can be dealt with after.

As I said a few times to a few people, this implementation has been much more complex than I had been anticipating. So much, though, that it’s requiring Escargot’s infrastructure to change with it. That shouldn’t stop me from finishing and releasing it, though, and it’ll be worth it when it’s live. :smile:




WLM 2009 was the version I hated the most, yet so many memories will come back after running it.


somebody help i trying contribuing i’m in page, but i’m understing nothing.