After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


I don’t think you can; it only supports Vista and above, IIRC

Ninja edit: Oops nevermind Python 3.4 works. That won’t work with Escargot though, it needs 3.6+ :frowning:


ok :’(


Can you create an .exe and pass it to me by messenger? I leave my mail:


I predict that WLM 2009 will be ready by the end of either October or November


someone can pass me a link to install wlm 2009 which is in process


It doesn’t connect to the public (Escargot) server yet


I know but I want to download the one that only works with your network


That requires you to set up the server and read the instructions.


OH MY GOD!! AWESOME!!!!11!111!!!1


Ah, I see #PROGRESS has been made since I’ve last checked here. 2009 will be the escargot milestone of milestones.


You can sure count on it. :wink:


Oh, so you wasn’t dead, great! :wink:


Why are you guys not working on fixing not working features and bugs?


They are. But it is gonna take a bit of time, so just wait.


a question, could you run wlm 2009 from windows xp?




It can run but due to server issues with xp it cant login


I’ll have to upgrade to windows vista :'v


NOOO :frowning: i think its the same problem in vista too maybe