After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!

Down again :confused:

If I’ll be honest, that’s beyond the scope of this thread. Also, I believe the common problem is the underlying socket listener acting up, but the actual problem hasn’t been investigated on recently so it’s not confirmed right now (and valtron’s the only one with server access so I can’t do much about it either). All I can say is that solutions for this problem will be looked into as extensively as possible after the upcoming release is out.


But there is no way to convince him to release msn 2009 More Faster than never. Sorry, for asking again…


That pretty much means whatever free time he has is restricted and probably not enough to work on Escargot.

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Well, we’ll surely get WLM '09 in 2020ish


Don’t instill false hope into people, please. You don’t know when it’ll come out, neither do I or anyone else. Not even valtron does until he’s confident that it will actually come out and has the time to make that possible. Any kind of predictions at this point are just going to get people excited only to be disappointed when they see no WLM 2009 at that date, and possibly diminish interest due to the amount of dates thrown at their face only to see nothing.

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I said “ish”, for fuck sakes.

That makes no difference whatsoever. People will still think it’ll come out around that year when we don’t even know when it exactly will. Just calm down and be patient lol.


hes just estimating. it may or may not be correct.

Yeah, I know. It’s just that he states it like he’s certain he knows it’ll come out on that date, when I am sure none of us know right now.

bday @OhHelloThereImTheGuy

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Anyway thanks for the wishes, even if I don’t passionately go on here anymore. :slight_smile:


so… happy Anniversary, buddy

Decided to start work on the Games Browser page for WLM 2009, and I was thinking it would work a bit like MSN 6’s App Directory page. Doesn’t seem that that’s the case, as my page always outputs the same “This page is being accessed outside of WLM” type of error no matter what I do.

Beginning to think WLM 2009 rethought some of the internals, and I’ll be looking into that soon.


shame, hope you figure it out

Some digging later and it looks like WLM 2009 doesn’t have any sort of functions built in to allow a page to initiate an activity. Luckily I’m aware of other methods Microsoft had open for Activities to be launched, and I’ll see if those work in the client.


OK so one of the methods Microsoft allowed Activities to be launched was through an ActiveX control Messenger installed, and testing that with WLM 2009 shows that it actually works and as I expected to my surprise: it automatically sends an invite to the queried contact and the rest would proceed normally. I’ll be continuing fleshing out the page and when WLM 2009 support is out you’ll be able to see it in its full glory. :stuck_out_tongue:


activex is a security hell

It was improved in IE8, though but not enough improved =P

So how is the msn 2009 development going. I hope it’s getting good. :stuck_out_tongue: