After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


I tried to use the test server on my computer, I am using a VM but i port-forwarded port 80.

Sorry for the compression and for using HyperCam 2


81000314 is a problem with certificates, you may not have installed it to the trusted root CA.



He last posted on August 30th 2018 in this thread… So that might not work…

Hmm… Could someone try his fork?


(Double post but it seems to be a accident)
The problem is that it appears that he vanshied off MessengerGeek.
The fork was last updated 4 months ago.

The hype has died down and people seems to be fine still using 8.5…


To me MSN 8.5 is the best version, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’d like to use the next ones :frowning:


I use MSN 7.5 it’s my favorite and the most nostalgic for me :slight_smile: so I’m okay with this.


Μy favourite version is the 2009 so…that means no msn 2009?


just wait for god sake…
I know everyone who like/love msn 2009 want to use it but just wait for it to come godammit


the problem with waiting comes when you take into consideration that Cuki87 (may have) quietly left out on Escargot as their last contribution to the fork was in August.


Last message they sent me was around November, and on their YouTube channel they uploaded a video a month ago (albeit not about JMSNE), which wasn’t that long ago. So for now waiting seems to be the best option. Trust me, his case is more tolerable compared to @ChetSimpson’s, who hasn’t updated us on his Yahoo! project or responded to my PMs about my questions on the intricacies of the Yahoo! Messenger client for over a year, yet while still following people on Twitter today. :unamused:


Turns out that with Circles, you aren’t supposed to see yourself in them, and since I was focusing on that, I was really worrying about nothing in that regard. Now I can focus on testing Circle invites and seeing if other users will display in the roster.


At the moment, I got Circle invites partially working. I can make the server send them to the invitee, or more accurately subscribe the invitee to the Circle and its addressbook and insert them in the Circle addressbook, which will result in a invite notification on the other end (the notifications don’t work in realtime yet, but that’s being looked into later). Unfortunately, when the invitee tries to accept the invite, the client doesn’t notify the server in any way, and they stay in pending limbo. I assume it has something to do with how I insert the invitee’s entry in the Circle addressbook or how I insert the hidden representative (the inviter as a contact entry with NetworkInfo) in the invitee’s individual addressbook. I hope to get the issue addressed soon and move forward with Circle progress.


Nice, very nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want a WLM 2009 experience in the mean-time (while it’s still incomplete) i founded this. It’s in spanish though.

You need Messenger plus. If you need help contact me. i can translate what it says


Not interested. 7.5 and 8.x are OK with me for the time being. :slight_smile:




that’s some tracking skills heh


hypercam 2 is free now


There are some people who still want the watermark. newer versions of hypercam removed it.