After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!

wow huh, didn’t expected this to be so small.

You’re so small! It’s funny to me!
-heavy tf2.


The 150 MB is made up of more than 75k accounts at the moment. To us that’s big. :stuck_out_tongue:


ah now thats why,
pretty big number ngl here

Per my very rounded calculations, around 1 to 2% of these accounts are ever online. However, some of those accounts are alts.

~50%* Got the wrong statistic. :p


Never mind. Confused online for people who logged in at all.

At most there’ll be ~1k people online. Even though doing the math gives me 1.33% of people logged in at most, it doesn’t change the fact our server can’t cope with anything greater than that.


yooooooo chill on that word homie

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ok 80 gangster. (also 1,000th post :smiley:)

ok i guess

i know everyone did this since the day this post came out, but anyways.


I grew up around urban culture my entire life, sorry i say “homie”

no its fine

That’s is a good news. :stuck_out_tongue: btw wlm 2009 is coming back for nostalgic, Stay Turned! :stuck_out_tongue:


the only changes left are serverside and installers
kay got access to the server meaning he can do changes instead of valtron which could make the process a bit quicker


don’t forget about people sending edited images of the patch status page on the website and people complaining about 2009 still not being supported

make that a lot fuckin’ quicker my dude

Woah, chill up. Is not that easy put wlm 2009 working on escargot.

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It still is quicker than nothing, let’s just hope things don’t get stuck again