Add me in BBM


Here is my pin


my pin is 224412e :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought I about adding you to my BBM since my phone is an actual BlackBerry but I don’t want to spread my BBM code everywhere. sharing it that way is how people get spam in their BBM. :stuck_out_tongue:
well at least I think it is LOL

this is my personal BBM and I can’t change it because it came with my phone. I may be able to change the account but it will only be the same result >>> personal BBM. ask me for my BBM and please don’t share it with other people.


what blackberry do u have? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have BlackBerry Passport with system >> BlackBerry 10


c00l i am thinking of buying it as a secondary phone how is it so far?


BlackBerry Passport is a smartphone. just so you know. lol, I just wanted to make that clear in all aspects. BlackBerry phones come with BBM iD’s of their own and the account online can be attached to it by signing into the phone with it.


I know about it lol just asking is it slow or fast and how is it in modern use


it’s fast but watch out for apps that use a heavy battery. those apps with heavy battery use are android apps. android apps can be installed on the Blackberry but I would not recommend doing it if you need it throughout the day. apps that run on an android run in the background non-stop. so the modern use of the phone is good. games from the android store are what is the worst on BlackBerry. the up to date Blackberry phones are the Blackberry Motion, Key 1 and Key 2 because those run android not blackberry 10.


i see


For a seconds phone , you could just use a old blackberry


nothing besides twitter works with old blackberry phones i might get a blackberry classic tho


Blackberry has it’s own app store called the Blackberry world and there are lots of apps that work on Blackberry. Like Soundcloud, Facebook (unofficial), Instagram (unofficial), Skype (unofficial), PayPal, WeChat, Reddit In Motion, Twitter, soundhound, youtube, AmazonPro…


ik the old blackberry world is rlly plain


also, the blackberry world is now all free. so if anything that says $1.99 or $2.29 or even $0.99 it’s a no go. the payment system has been disabled for the reason of it being a money-free app store.


the old blackberry world got bbm and whatsapp off and it has way less apps then it used to


Blackberry phones come with BBM installed by default and yes WhatsApp is off the blackberry world store and it has been off a long time now.


Not mine :-/ it don’t came with BBM


I would suggest you look at this. android phones that are not made by blackberry do not come with BBM pre-installed. only official blackberry phones come with BBM pre-installed.

Edit 2:56:00 PM (Europe: Paris), 5:56:00 AM (America: Los Angeles), 9:56:00 AM (America: Sao Paulo), 9:56:00 AM (America: Argentina/Buenos Aires), 8:56:00 AM (America: New York)

By the way, the Blackberry Phone is made based on Security. so it’s a very secure phone which makes it suitable for corporations. Like NASA, Microsoft, Apple, even non-famous corporations. they have stuff that can protect email and do stuff like “Two Lines. One Employee. One Device”. (two phone numbers on one phone for one person)


Wow, BBM. I haven’t heard that name in a while. I actually own two old BlackBerry phones, but unfortunately BBM no longer works on them anymore.