Add me in BBM

Here is my pin

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my pin is 224412e :stuck_out_tongue:

what blackberry do u have? :stuck_out_tongue:

c00l i am thinking of buying it as a secondary phone how is it so far?

I know about it lol just asking is it slow or fast and how is it in modern use

i see

For a seconds phone , you could just use a old blackberry

nothing besides twitter works with old blackberry phones i might get a blackberry classic tho

ik the old blackberry world is rlly plain

the old blackberry world got bbm and whatsapp off and it has way less apps then it used to

Not mine :-/ it don’t came with BBM

Wow, BBM. I haven’t heard that name in a while. I actually own two old BlackBerry phones, but unfortunately BBM no longer works on them anymore.

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you can use BBM in your android/ios device

I might download it. I think I tried a few months ago, but for some reason it never worked for me.

My old BlackBerry phones are some of the best built devices I’ve ever used. I really do miss the keyboards on them.

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i also have one old backberry phone , the keyboard is really good

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My first BlackBerry is from 2010 and it still works almost flawlessly. I used to pirate so many bad pop songs on it, but I deleted all of that junk years ago out of embarrassment.

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SAME i miss the bb keyboard i might buy the blackberry classic as a secondary phone which runs bb10 and almost everything works


People , we have a messenger geek group on there


Ok im only on bbm just cuz @Floobby and, @TReKiE is there e396806e