Active Bots? Anyone?

Does anyone out there have the addresses of any bots that worked/work. i’m just gonna be bored while my friends all reinstall MSN

I’m afraid due to the changes over last year, all the bots have all disappeared as they wouldn’t be able to reconnect. In fact the majority of them disappeared before that time and as the bot providers had special access on the Messenger network, I have no doubt that access has long been revoked.

Having a testing bot would be neat, but I suspect the service would still quickly tag it as spam and ban it from Messenger (which is why the special access was needed in the first place).

Is there any chance of the bots back ?

I don’t think so, the bots were allowed on as part of a special arrangement and obviously that arrangement would no longer exist. If there’s bots again (which seems unlikely in of itself), I think they would be limited to Skype only.

oh thanks jonathan