About the invites in Butterfly Messenger


I used the Butterfly Messenger because there were outstanding contacts in MSN 2012. So I downloaded the Butterfly Messenger but do not know how to seek / accept the invitations I had received.

What do I do?


I use WLM 2012 Reviver but i cant Accept the invites. Every time I click to see the 4 invitations pending a Web page opens, but is redirected to the Skype page. Then I read about the Butterfly and used it to accept, but I see that it is not possible to accept invitations there as well.


:pensive: Okay . Thanks for the answer


just accept the invites , are working in butterfly :slight_smile:


I can’t accept invites either


Jonathan @TReKiE suggests to accept invitations contacts from butterfly because its more reliable than windows live messenger.

also if you have more tha 1 contact invitation you must use butterfly messenger to add them


I’m doing it but when I accept it freezes and the requests multiply, same when I try to add people by their emai


you need to wait some minutes until butterfly is 100% full charged around 5 minutes its ok to avoid freezing :stuck_out_tongue:


It still happens…:frowning:


why don’t you try in anoter computer or accept the friend request with normal messenger?


They don’t pop up in Msn :thinking:


you must wait on butterfly to load it takes some time

remember the program its beta release so it might be unstable.


@Msngal if i look at your screenshot i do see that you are connected at 2 locations.
If that is the case, then that might be the reason why its not working.

Adding people directly via wlm doesnt seem to work.
I tried to add @TReKiE and i can see that he has accepted my invite, since his email has changed to his screen name.
However he doesnt appear online in my contact list.
So it seems like that it doesnt work properly.


same problem here


you should reset Butterfly Messenger by deleting:

c:/users/(your_windows_account_name)/AppData/Local/Butterfly Messenger -->this folder

and also add people via butterfly!!

its more stable!!!