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So reddit is kinda dead now. For context,Reddit is charging insane amounts of moneys to devs who develop API’s for the site.

Now,all of the subreddits will shut down until Reddit changes this decision.

I would like to see your opinions about this


fuck /u/spez

The vast majority of my Reddit use has been through a third-party app for a long time. When this API news originally broke, I did a test run of using the site exclusively on Firefox Android, and it was not a pleasant experience.

The recent AMA was pretty bad. I’m not sure why that was done at all.

The craziest part of that for me was this:

How do you address the concerns of users who feel that Reddit has become increasingly profit-driven and less focused on community engagement?

We’ll continue to be profit-driven until profits arrive. Unlike some of the 3P apps, we are not profitable.

They’re supposedly weeks away from a public offering (IPO), and the CEO is telling everyone that their business of 18 years isn’t profitable at all? Those that have been able to use the site to make it profitable, they’re getting rid of, completely alienating those customers who would pay, and are the most likely ones contributing and modding the site for free… so that Reddit can remain being unprofitable and cost even more to run?

I must’ve missed that lesson in business class.
And that’s all the lies, threats, and gaslighting aside.

There are so many far better solutions to their supposed problem. Since their whole claim is they’re not making money because of the lack of ads, and Reddit Premium doesn’t have ads, then if someone wants to use a third-party application, simply require the third-party app users to subscribe to Reddit Premium. Or, allow a certain amount of “free” API calls per user, and if they want more, then they need Reddit Premium. Possibly even do an affiliate program with the developers. There’s so many possibilities and examples of successful profitable businesses doing similar things.

Obviously we don’t fully know, but based on what’s been also reported, I think the more likely truth is that they want to fully monetize Reddit’s content for further AI training and they’re either unable, or unwilling to build the necessary infrastructure to handle both use cases.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it only Monday and Tuesday of next week? For most of them anyway.

I guess we’ll see what happens.

Technically,you arent wrong,since most subs will go down for 2 days.
However,some subs will close forever until Reddit changes their mind

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Came across this. There’s a twitch stream of it as well.

Already aware of that.

Damn you reddit, now I can’t visit r/windowsxp anymore.
BTW, happy birthday @migdotcom!

I still use reddit on the hopes for it to change

(Also thanks)

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Just finished reading through the interview The Verge had on Thursday. There’s a lot of material in there, but the claim that the third-party Reddit applications are competitors is rather telling. These so-called competitors (as they are now) are useless without Reddit and only exist and thrive because Reddit has refused to improve their own product.

But when you consider the third-party apps as competitors, it makes a little more sense why they’re trying to quickly kill them off, because if the developers had time to react, they could modify the apps to use something else and migrate the users to another platform.

Of course, there’s also the new claim in the interview that the API “was never designed to support third-party apps”. Yet, the official Reddit app was the former third-party app “Alien Blue” that Reddit purchased. How does that make sense?

Then we also have:

These people who are mad, they’re mad because they used to get something for free, and now it’s going to be not free. And that free comes at the expense of our other users and our business. That’s what this is about. It can’t be free.

and yet,

Can you give any sense of scale, how well they’re doing?
You’re talking to them, go ask them! Millions. He said how many subscribers he [Apollo app dev] has, his price list is public.

So people who use the apps are considered freeloaders, but the apps they’re using make millions in subscriptions? How does that make sense?

It does make sense that the app developers themselves are getting a free ride and that needs to change. No one has disputed that, but despite claiming to the contrary and a mountain of evidence to prove Reddit as lying, Reddit hasn’t shown any interest in working with these developers for a real solution.

They’ve given three of the apps exemptions, supposedly because they’re open source and are valuable for the blind community, to continue using the Reddit API for free. I tried out one of them, RedReader, and it worked well, although I haven’t explored the feature-set too much. So to review, despite myself being a paid user of another “competitor” app, I can use this one and now be a fully non-monetized freeloader. And yet, the claim is still that this is all for business reasons, for a site that doesn’t make money.

There’s a ton of other things that have happened since that interview too, at this point my guess is that they want to go down in flames and bring in new management to “reboot” the site.

Also, this Louis Rossmann video:

Reddit CEO learns going to war with the internet is a LOSING battle

Why does John look like a fucking angry bird

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Reddit, Discord and Twitter doing the “Killing our Company Any%” Speedrun in 2 months baby

You’re welcome. And well, they really won’t let me access r/windowsxp again anymore (because it’s closed), they even say “Do not message to request access.”, which is sad, since r/windowsxp is a fun subreddit.

I imagine it will re-open at some point soon, at least after June 30th, but who will be left and will it be the same?

Even if they reversed their decision on everything tomorrow, certainly some people and some communities will refuse to come back after all this. At least the good news is that there’s plenty of other options for moving to somewhere else.

Slightly unrelated, but I haven’t really received Reddit spam in the past decade, but over the past month, it’s been every few days, and twice today already. Example:

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Yes, I’ve been getting the same.

Any idea what the purpose of them are? They’re always deleted by the time I bother to check the profiles.

IIRC you can go to reddit’s options and disable automatic message to your email?

I have no idea, either.

I only use Reddit few times a month, but yeah, another case of a businessman trying to change abruptly a well stablished system, and low-punching third party devs to gain some more bucks. Also outright telling lies when trying to defend himself ¯_(ツ)_/¯