A project + a question

then please help me
one of my friend had port fowarded and
typed something on my win 7 vm firewall settings
some numbers
and then he logged in me to wlm 2011

but now he doesnt remember
what he typed in

Uhm i found someting out

It says it can connect to windows live messenger 2011
service, but it cant connect to the server.

i runned the trouble shooter

it says the key ports are missing.

unsucsess on win 10
now i try on vm.

2011 is backwards compatible with MSNP18, although i’m guessing it uses an altered version of the protocol.

2011 uses msnp21 actually

yeah. the contacts shows up and the status too
but i cant send instant messages sadly right now.

i can send instant messages
but the other people doesnt receive

you just discovered how when wlm 2009 be supported wlm 2011 will also work

i think 2011 uses an altered version of msnp18, hence why those features don’t work