A program to create styles for Windows XP

yeah the tile says all the shit

If you want to create a desktop theme:

Click Start, click Control Panel,
Click Appearance and Themes,
and then click Display
Display Themes tab,
click the theme you want to modify
Under Desktop tab,

you can change Background, Position, and Color
and click on 'Customize Desktop ’ to change the ‘Icon’ settings
Under Screen Saver tab,
You can set the Screen Saver for your Desktop Theme
Under Appearance tab
you can change Windows and buttons, Color scheme, and Font size
click on ‘Advanced’, in this you can change the Advanced Appearance of Icons, Dialogue boxes

After completion, click ‘Apply’ on the ‘Themes’ tab, and then click Save As.
Type a name for the theme and click ‘OK’
Now the theme is created and this themes is saved in My Documents

srry i mean styles

Photoshop + SkinStudio.

so skinstudio is for windowbinds but i dont have windowbinds

Crack it.

no…for now i just want to work w/pached uxtheme

Hmmm. I don’t know.

Everyone uses Resource Hacker (i think) for making custom Windows XP themes that don’t require WindowBlinds.