A new way to get hackintosh!

Yes, I know about the legal stuff so this is only for educational purposes. Also this works ONLY on Linux.

Step 1. Go donwload “sosumi”
Step 2. Open Terminal and type sosumi (without sudo or it won’t work)
Step 3. Wait a few minutes for the download to complete then after the QEMU window launches you should see the Clover bootloader
Step 4. Click on the first partition that you see (it’s only one)
Step 5. In the recovery mode select Disk Utility and select the partition with 68 GB then erase it
Step 6. Install macOS Catalina after you are done with Disk Utility
Step 7. Enjoy

Extra: there is a file somewhere that you can edit in order to increase the ram size but I don’t know where it is

Can’t I just use Mojave?


or you could just be not a 3 year old and stick to windows because modern MacOS is so simplified it hurts but the aesthetic is cool i guess

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I’m sure people are going to yell “FUCKING TELEMETRY!!!” or “BLOATWARE” as their excuse for not sticking to Windows.

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I started using Pop!_OS fir the last few days and it’s cool

bro this topic is about hackintosh

and? I use it to install macOS