A Minecraft Server for MessengerGeek?

  • Yes
  • No

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What version will it be?

At the moment I’m just waiting for the poll to end to see the results. No idea but 1.15.2 is pretty laggy so…

Do 1.12.X, it’s pretty cool
or 1.8.X

My server is running 1.15.2 happily.

how about a beta or alpha version lol

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No, that will keep people away from the server.


Meh, i think ICTY’s server is enough, we don’t need 20 gazillion other minecraft servers.


can i vote for why

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I don’t think a minecraft server for MessengerGeek makes much sense, because it doesn’t really has anything to do with MessengerGeek’s topics
I don’t see anything wrong into making a MC server but for MG? I don’t think it’s a good idea
(To make this more clear, my problem is if the server will be branded as a MessengerGeek server, then my point starts)


same thing with a discord server for the most part, although you can discuss things about topics on the forum, its not solely for just discussing mg stuff.