A little sneak peak for Escargot Spaces in 2018


In 2018, I am launching the “Live Era” of Escargot Spaces! I figured I may as well do it with the launch of WLM. :smiley:


I can’t wait for this!! :grinning:


im not that excited doe.


i dont even know what is escargot spaces
someone send me whe link




what the.


do i have to register?


yeah, that’s something that you would expect more (but not appearing as much as it should)

also, to actually blog on your space, yes you will have to register a account.
ES is based on WordPress, but not very customizable.


@MichaelPower explains you better.


but i do have to register?




(random word);-;


umm… WHAT?!


w- what i must do.


“Gimme a site!” will make you a account, and a blog
and “Just a username, please” will make you a account, but will not make a blog


The URGENT thing just a protest I’m taking part to help keep Net Neutrality in the USA.
If you want a blog, click on “Gimme a Site”.


hmm… i (still) do not need a blog


oh hello @MichaelPower


Then click on “Just a username, please”


yeah just choose the option i quoted above.