A lead behind Escargot Spaces' dashboard problem


Pretty simple, actually.

I decided to view the sources of one of these malfunctioning pages, and the last few lines of HTML basically gave away the problem:

So after the large chunk of HTML that makes up the dashboard menu, WordPress is supposed to load up the content that lets you customize your blogs and whatnot. However, it only renders the identifier for it and stops after that.

This can pretty much be a server-side error not caused by WordPress, but most likely by poor management of the internals, either from a tangle in the database or from an error in the core of WordPress itself.

I’m not sure if @MichaelPower will have enough time to look into the situation, also considering that he’s in a pickle with managing Spaces itself. But if he does, then I hope it can be soon enough where it doesn’t cause prolonged problems.


Now that I’m the owner of Escargot Spaces, I decided to copy over a hidden php.ini file to the root of the server and mod it to write an error log somewhere in the server (Oh yeah BTW thanks @TReKiE for telling me about that :slight_smile:).

After I got my non-admin account logged in and accessed the currently-broken dashboard, I hopped on back to cPanel and checked out the log.

From what I can deduce, it seems a couple WordPress plugins Spaces utilizes (including BuddyPress, of all things) are causing server-side conflict and preventing non-admins from accessing the dashboard.

I’ll need to see what I can do with these conflicting plugins. :stuck_out_tongue: