A Idea with mac

Okay, o was seeing hackintosh vídeos and i have a idea, make a hackintosh with MAC 10.4 on meu old XP PC, what tou think about this?

hackintosh barely works for anything unless you have specific hardware
physical mac or bust

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Hmmm, like specific motherboards and processors?

I’ll need a original MAC OS 10.4 CD?

you’ll need an intel one

I have a Pentium 4 and i know where i’ll find one

That probably won’t work. You’ll might need a core 2 duo or a core duo.

I found some vídeos of ppl using on Pentium 4

ok but its probably more likely to work on a core system since macs that came with tiger had core duos/core 2 duos

after powerpc

I Will try on my Pentium 4 and i’ll say If worked


Just a question can i make a bootable USB with It?

yeah but you’ll probably need to use a special iso

I’ll try with a bootable USB first

I need te right ISO bit i’m don’t find It

its easier to find one for leopard though

I’ll use JaS ISO


I can’t find this damn ISO