A idea to make the latest versions of MSN Run


I have an idea to make the latest versions of MSN Run …

Create a Virtual Machine, install WIndows and MSN, but then on the connection put a Proxy (or something that sees the connections), then you see the server which MSN is connecting and it gets easier!

(well I do not know anything about proxy and spy connection, but at least I tried, right?)


but first escargot needs to support MSNP14+


unfortunately, afaik the Messenger servers have been down since 2016, so this is impossible; would’ve been a good idea on paper, we can’t exactly practice it though

also what you’d be looking for is something like fiddler(???)


Escargot already supports MSNP14, along with MSNP15, but it has limited support for MSNP18 and MSNP21 on the public server, so WLM 2011/2012 wouldn’t work with Escargot anyway.

As for the proxy idea, that’d just send the protocol data to the proxy server in its own protocol, which will then send it to the target server in its protocol. Basically, it’s as if the Messenger server had another layer that just transmitted the data it received to the server it relays. Considering Escargot’s lack of sufficient MSNP21 support, that won’t work either. Also, sniffing the data the program sends won’t magically make it work. Specifically what part of monitoring the connection will make WLM 2012 work?




It recognizes the protocol version, has an (incomplete) understanding of how it treats SB sessions, and has the building blocks for a rudimentary MPoP system. :stuck_out_tongue:




i will delete this post,but is very n00b ideia.

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