24/7 Minecraft server [pizza.snailscape.com]

We all noticed posts about “New minecraft servers” which only last for a day or two, and i also have created one of those too. Today i decided to create a 24/7 server for people to join

To connect:
pizza.snailscape.com or sbbs.retrosite.ga at default mc port.
version is 1.7.x - 1.15.x

I will never add an anti-grief plugin
Hacking is forbidden and can result in a 30d tempban and if continued a perm ban.

UPDATE: we added a dynmap (kinda buggy)
WARNING if you never joined after this update, talking in the dynmap chat will show as your ip.
Note discord messages cant be seen on web and web msg cant be seen on discord

UPDATE2: We updated to 1.9

UPDATE3: We updated to 1.10.2

UPDATE4: Dynmap has been removed

Add viaversion

and doesnt even say if its bukkit or spigot

I have now added ViaVersion and ViaRewind which makes the server 1.7.x - 1.15.x

im at 0 0 where the hoes at


I’m sure he’s doing his best to keep it running as much as possible. You can always request a full refund :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried to troubleshoot a problen he had and i restarted the server so many times

Edit: I just found out, the server crashed overnight.

For your information, you could have asked me for help. Pizza cannot hold anything more than 1.8 or lower since it has only 1GB of ram. Why would you host a Minecraft server with 1GB of ram anyway?

The minecraft server does good with four players at 290m allocated ram, and i also asked floobby.

The server died due to drama.