2009 installer not working

Hello! I’m trying to install WLM 2009 but the installer is not working. It says:
“An error occurred while attempting to install one or more critical components. Setup will now abort.”
I’m on Windows version 2004. Help?

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same here, i guess no one cares tho cause mine didnt get a response.

mines too, everyone give a reason

As an initial suggestion, try upgrading to 2012, and then immediately uninstall “Windows Essentials 2012” the normal way from Apps/Programs and Features. Then try again.

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I use windows live mail 2011, how do i stop it from upgrading it?

I need a portable version prepatched of WLM 2009 (in spanish)
I’m trying to patch it msnmsgr and wlcommand, but it doesn’t work for me :disappointed_relieved:

Oh, that’s actually the original problem. I’ll check again later because it’s been a long time, but off the top of my head, you can’t mix and match 2009-2012 versions of Mail and Messenger as they share key components.

so what should i do? since i like the 2011 version of Mail

It seems to be installing now, thanks! I guess i will have to use another email client for now.

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It worked! Thanks for your help @TReKiE

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uninstall essentials, and after you install wlm 2009, install essentials 2009

I click on the link to upgrade and it doesn’t do anything. Why is that. Thank you

To clarify, which link do you mean? Is it this one? I’m not aware of any outages, and it seems to be working.