1 year with this community, Thank you all

Hello, you, that watch this topic, one year that im on this amazing forum !

It all start with my first post Escargot msn server is on mac?

Then it continue with some posts

But, my most popular post, which is the one that make me sort of “known” on the forum !


Which has been canceled the April 1 due to dramas.

And this community welcomed me to the forum, thanks for that.

Im very happy to be here since one year

And i wish you a good december and, thanks for all.

Alessio - 6 December 2019


surprised you stayed on this shit show for a year.

It’s all of a shit show due to me and my autistic way of dealing with drama. I’m literally causing like 80% of the ““dramas’”” of this year, if I wasn’t even here, MG wouldn’t have been a shithole, and I probably wouldn’t end up like a fucking chrischan ripoff.

if you werent here mg will still be a shitshow (ahem mine master, pedrox sometimes, leo, etc)

demotes Gamerappa on Catspeak discord

It would have been less of a shitshow

(jeez almost typed with caps lock :frowning:)

not really :confused:

could you shut the fuck up for a second

he chose to stay here and that’s because he can ignore all the drama and see hope in this forum unlike you

just leave the forum already if all you want to do here is ramble on about this being a shitshow, just leave the “shitshow”


anyways sorry for bothering, alessio, happy anniversary in this forum


yeah sorry happy anniversary.


local child spergs out